July 14, 2024

Astro A40 TR Headset Mixamp Pro 2017 Review

Excellent gaming headphones that are console-locked to either the PS4 or Xbox One are the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017. For prolonged gaming sessions, they are well-made and comfortable. They have good audio quality. The bass, though, is overdone. For online multiplayer gaming, they have a great microphone, and its dock has sufficient controls. The headset is unfortunately somewhat big. Due to their open-back design, they are also unsuitable for use in noisy environments. We tested the Xbox One version of this headset, but we expected the PS4 version to perform similarly.

astro a40 tr headset mixamp pro 2017

Advantages of the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017

  • The architecture is sturdy and cosy.
  • The audio reproduction is superb and comes with EQ and presets.
  • fantastic microphone

CONS of the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017

  • The style is clumsy.
  • By design, noise isolation is weak.

Additional Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 Product Information

fantastic for gaming. Long gaming sessions are comfortable with the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017, which also features a great microphone and good sound quality. It’s wonderful that there won’t be any lag when playing games thanks to their wired connection, but it might not be as practical as the Astro A50’s wifi setup. They do, however, come with a fantastic dock that has numerous controls and inputs. You may also manage and slightly modify them using their great PC application.

Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017: Style Type

  • Over-the-Ear
  • Open-Back Type
  • No Wireless
  • Dynamic Transducer

Although they have different colour schemes and are wired headphones, the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 and the Astro A50 are strikingly similar to one another in appearance. They resemble gaming headphones with their elaborate and flashy appearance and are not appropriate for outdoor use. On the bright side, you can take the microphone out of the A40 but you can’t with the A50. These headphones stick out while appearing to be well-made and durable. Xbox One and PS4 models that are black are compatible; models that are white are not.

Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017: Comfy

  • Weight: 0.83 pounds
  • 9 pounds of clamping pressure

During lengthy gaming sessions, the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 is comfortable. Most ear sizes should fit because the cups are large and spacious, just like the Astro A50. Although they are a little heavy, the soft ear cups and headband cushioning help to equally distribute pressure. After a while, some people may grow weary from their weight. They do, however, feel a little less constrained than the A50, which some people may prefer.

Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017: Controls

  • It is not OS-dependent.
  • decent usability
  • Positive comments
  • Lack of call/music control
  • proper volume management
  • Turn the microphone on or off.
  • It is possible to mix channels.
  • There is no noise cancellation.
  • Without talk-through

Strong gaming controls, but no call or music management, are available with the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017, which should be sufficient for most gamers. They are connected to the MixAmp, which has several controls, by an in-line remote that only contains a mic-mute button.

You receive a channel mixing knob with a notch in the middle for a 50/50 blend of game and chat audio, along with a volume control. With the MixAmp, you may choose between the EQ presets and turn on/off Dolby Surround Sound. Between console and PC modes, the power button can be used as a toggle. The controls are easy to operate and offer useful feedback. The volume control does not, however, feel as substantial as the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 SuperAmp.

Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017: High-Quality Building

The Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 are of high quality. The structure seems sturdy and the materials are of a good calibre. A few accidental drops should not do much harm because the cups are dense. The headband is similarly open and hollow to the Astro A50, with a plastic centre that rests on the head. Although it is adaptable, it is not as durable as a standard headband, particularly one with a metal frame.

Bass Precision with the Astro A40 TR Headset and MixAmp Pro 2017

The range performance of the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 is sufficient. Although the response is overemphasised, it is generally flat across the spectrum. The solution is, on average, 4dB above our objective curve. Some people enjoy the loud thud and rumble produced by this, but it also makes the sound boomy and muddy. Overall, the A40’s bass is overdone, and our low-bass drivers don’t quite meet up.

Comparing the Astro A40 TR Headphones with MixAmp Pro 2017 to Other Headphones

An fantastic gaming headphone, the Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 stands out for its distinctive appearance and potent amplifier. They have fewer controls and are less adaptable than comparable gaming headphones with excellent software, though. See our recommendations for the top PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and gaming headphones.

Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless for 2019

The astro a40 tr headset mixamp pro 2017 and the Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019 are both top-notch headphones, albeit having different connectivity choices. While the A50 2019 is only available wirelessly, the A40 2017 is only available wired. They both perform equally, however because of the wired A40 2017’s lower latency, professional gamers will probably prefer it.

Wireless Arctis Pro SteelSeries

The Astro A40 TR Headset MixAmp Pro 2017 falls short of the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headphones in performance. Closed-back wireless SteelSeries headphones can be used with an analogue connection. Additionally, they have additional ear cup settings that can be adjusted, a virtual surround feature, and a special, swappable battery cartridge mechanism that always guarantees a longer battery life. The SteelSeries also supports Bluetooth, allowing you to combine team communication from your mobile device with audio from your console. Both headphones use companion software to allow you more control over your audio experience and have varying bass and treble output between users.