July 14, 2024

Do you need a tool bag with wheels?

Any profession requiring tools must have them on hand; whether you are a plumber, carpenter, electrician, handyman, or DIYer, a well-equipped tool box is what you need. However, a tool box can be quite unwieldy. In addition to being very difficult to organise your tools and accessories, carrying around heavy tool boxes can prove to be very taxing on your back.

One of the best alternatives to a tool box is a tool bag with wheels. With wheels attached to your bag, it is easy to lug your tools around from one location to another.

So, do you need a tool bag with wheels? Let’s look at some of the broad benefits of a tool bag with wheels over other tool box options and find out should you buy it from stores?

tool bag with wheels

Do you need a tool bag with wheels?

Different sized compartments

Most tool boxes come with a single compartment where you have to dump all your tools together. It becomes difficult to find the tool or accessory, whether be it a socket set, wrench or tool bit, you need if they are not organised.

On the other hand, a tool bag comes with different-sized compartments and pouches. You can easily store the tools neatly in the specified compartments. The benefits of a tool bag with wheels include the convenience of reaching into one of the numerous pouches to collect a tool and easily carry it.

Padded pouches for smaller items

Many of the tool bags with wheels come with padded zipped pouches to keep items like your loose bits and smaller items like batteries and expensive items like your mobile phones and tablets. You could even clasp a D-ring to hang your keys or other small items.

Water proof

RC Components have a wide assortment of wheeled tool bags that are waterproof and have water resistant bases. Because of this, you will never have to worry about your precious tools getting damaged due to rain or stop working due to bad weather.


Many tradespeople work outside their homes, which makes a portable tool carrying and storage item like a tool bag with wheels essential. And if you would want something that is not too heavy and that can be easily carried when you move from one location to another, a tool bag is the best option.

Different types of tool bags with wheels

  • Rolling tool bags: A rolling tool bag looks like a regular tool bag but features an extendable handle and several pockets. There is also plenty of organisation and pockets.
  • Rolling tool totes: Rolling tool totes feature an open design that makes it easy to grab a tool quickly. These bags have rigid handles to easily carry them. Though some come with zips to close the bag, majority of these bags are wide open.
  • Rolling tool duffels: If you have a large number of tools, then you should opt for rolling tool duffels. The duffel style bags mean that the bags come with maximum storage. The base of the rolling tool duffels is hard, allowing the bag to be set straight.

From the many different selections available to you for storing and carrying your tools such as a backpack tool bag, tool bag with wheels, holdalls, or tool boxes, many tradesmen prefer a tool bag with wheels for the practicality and ease of lugging around. To buy our tool bags with wheels or any other tool bag of your choice, visit our website.