July 14, 2024

Why Dragon Age Inquisition Crashing on Launch – [Solved]

The delinquent of Dragon Age Inquisition Crashing on launch created a lot of buzz among the fans. It starts but fails all of a sudden. Let’s see why does dragon age inquisition crash on launch?

If you have just downloaded the dragon age inquisition, then they must experience its unique 3d graphics, but after its opening, the dragon age tends to crash. Well, you aren’t the only one facing as there have been plenty of fans around facing the dragon age inquisition crashing on launch.

If your dragon age inquisition starts and then fails to launch then you can get all details here and resolve the issue by applying some tweaks for free. Let’s have a look at why it happens!

Reasons Why Dragon Age Inquisition crash on Launch?

Ideally, there is no exact cause of the dragon age inquisition crash on startup, but there are some reasons which are given here. We have got these reasons’ list from the official gaming forum or facebook page.

  • 3D vision might be interfering with the game’s process.
  • The antivirus software is blocking the Dragon age inquisition.
  • They might be using the wrong graphic design.

Process of Involving Dragon Age Inquisition Crashing on Launch

Change the launch settings

When dragon age inquisition starts then crashes, then one needs to know that it happens because they don’t offer any administrative privileges to access the system files required. The game might even crash as the windows version is incompatible with it. Firstly one needs to launch the file explorer by using  Win + E shortcut. It all depends on the exact installation one chooses, and the game’s installation can be located anywhere. They also need to open the compatibility tab.

Uninstall or Disable 3D Vision

If one sees dragon age inquisition crash on startup, they must use the 3D vision driver. The NVIDIA driver needs to improve their gaming experience, but it might opposite at times. Hence one needs to uninstall to resolve the crashing issue. One needs to open the run command and type appiwiz.API and scroll down to find the 3D NIVIDA driver. One needs to follow the perfect instructions and then restart the PC.

Disable origins in-built menu

If one’s dragon age inquisition is crashing on launch, then they probably didn’t even know the inbuilt menu, which might lead to unexpected crashes. Several users tend to report the age inquisition that started running simply after disabling the menu. One needs to log in to their client to access the EA account, and they need to select application settings from the main menu. One also needs to enable the origin in-game toggle option.


Turning off: The antivirus (third-party) on one of the PC gets blocked by the Dragon age inquisition making it really challenging for launching it. AVAST is one of the standard programs which causes the game to crash. There is a disabled option available under the advanced settings. One needs to type in uninstall in the search bar and select Add or Remove programs option. They need to then click on the install option and restart the device to check if the Dragon age inquisition crashes yet.

Lastly, to complete the process, one needs to perform a clean boot. Firstly they need to decide actual conflicting app and then perform the clean the boot. A clean boot minimizes all the issues.