July 14, 2024

How to identify fake Airpods while shopping?

Airpods are unanimously looked-for whether you are a technophile who loves using heavy products or enjoys artistic things. One thing that adds plea is that they are a little cost which gives the owners an exclusivity feeling, and several aspirants wish to join the club. To quote, AirPods are the new black. If you are looking to tell if AirPods are fake, you are on the right page, as you can get all the details here.

You are most likely to see several fake Airpods as AirPods are one of the best products by Apple. You can also expect to see fake AirPods pro. Being a typical Apple product, it is going to be expensive without a second thought. You should know the difference between real AirPods vs. fake ones, or you would end up buying the best fake AirPods. It is indeed not rocket science to recognize AirPods pro fake, but it can be a little challenging for the new bees as some perfect fakes are circulating all over. If you have hands-on a new pair of fake Airpods that behave exactly the same, how do you check if they are real or fake?

fake Airpods

How to tell if AirPods are fake?

These tips here will help you understand AirPods fake vs. actual.

Check the serial number on the official site

Firstly, to understand fake Airpods; you need to verify the serial number on the company’s official site. You can easily find the serial number on the underside of the AirPods charging case lid where the left AirPods are kept. You can also learn about the serial number on the original box’s packaging next to the barcode.

The AirPods are authentic if you are easily able to put the serial number. You can find all types of information, including service coverage and date of purchase, and telephone support. Unfortunately, Apple wouldn’t be able to put the serial number if it didn’t manufacture the AirPods. Thus you will get an error message once the code is verified. Hence when you buy fake AirPods with actual charging cases or retail boxes, you need to look for several cues to confirm if they are authentic.

Check the original box for inconsistencies

Details are one of the things which make people fall in love with Apple products. From the product to packaging, Apple products are all about more information. When it comes to identifying fake AirPods pro, the fake ones have the only sticker, while on the other hand, the authentic ones feature two stickers. The authentic ones have San Fransisco font, while on the fake ones, the font was different.

Considering the logo, the fake box often features curves on the edges while the real ones have curvy edges. The fonts are clearly distinguishable as authentic ones have thicker fonts and have minimum spaces in between, while the fonts on the fake ones are thin. Also, the cover is tight on the original AirPods, while on the fake ones, it is pretty loose. The original manual has four different languages, apart from the fonts, while the fake one features three.

Check the AirPods bottom side

When learning about real AirPods vs. fake, you also need to consider the little details. The bottom grills of authentic AirPods have an oval shape, while fake ones are pretty oval, but they are close to a round shape. The fake AirPods have silver grills instead of dark grey found on the real ones. Furthermore, charging pods on the fake ones are way more significant than the authentic AirPods.

Check the AirPods speaker grill

Consider the following part you need to check if the speaker’s shape. The proximity sensors on the real AirPods are ideally flush with the AirPods body, and you can ideally feel some black dots with touch while they tend to protrude on the fake ones. Besides IR proximity sensors, there is no gap between grills. On the fake ones, there is likely to be space in between, indicating poor manufacturing quality.

Compare the charging cases

When comparing charging cases, there isn’t a lot of difference seen, however an important point to note is that the fake charging cases have hinges which are lose when opened. Additionally, best fake AirPods also have different fonts attached to them. The small button on the actual AirPods is surely flush. On the flip side, the fake ones have a pairing button protrude. You can easily find the button on the phony airpod but it can be challenging to find it on actual AirPods.

Check the light indicator

One of the simplest ways to check AirPods pro fake is to check the soft hand on the front of the case’s interior. It would be best if you looked for any change in color or misplacement. The opening part is small on the fakes ones. So it would be best if you considered the irregularities.

Check the lighting port

Experts notice that there is a small gap between the case and lighting port on the fake AirPods charging case, which doesn’t exist on the real ones. Besides that, edges are also fake as one is sharp, and the other is rounded on. So it indeed shows poor manufacturing quality. It also makes sense as artificial manufacturers have to keep the cost low; hence they are cheap.

Hence fake products are a cheap reality in today’s tech-dominated world, and it is pretty standard for expensive products like the AirPods. Hence the apple products are a part of the counterfeit industry. Even if you order online, you shouldn’t hand over the money until they are delivered. Above all, you need to check the above factors before learning the difference between fake and authentic ones.

Even if you are someone who is a die hard fan of AirPods, still it is suggested that you go in for the real ones, which will be a better investment for a longer duration.