July 16, 2024

How Can You Make Your E-commerce Website Mobile Friendly?

A lot of businesses have been slow to realize just how much the web has changed in the last few years. We’ve transitioned from a world where users access websites through desktops and laptops to one where they access them through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This has a big impact on e-commerce websites: most people now use their phones to shop online rather than using their computers as they once did.

So being a businessman or a web developer if you would like to create a website then it should be mobile friendly and those who looking for e-commerce website mobile friendly checklist then below given tips will help you a lot and you can successfully built an attractive and valuable web app.

e-commerce website mobile friendly

E-commerce website mobile friendly will be attract more visitor – 5 Tips

Responsive design

Responsive design is one of the best ways to make your e-commerce website mobile friendly. Responsive design means that your website will have a different layout on each device, so it can adapt to whatever screen size or resolution the user chooses.

As per the survey of HubSpot, this type of mobile-friendly web design improves the opinion of a brand, and it is easy to implement and doesn’t require any additional development work. It also allows you to tailor content for different devices in an intuitive manner, making it easier for customers to browse and find information about products on their phones or tablets.

For more information you can even check the eCommerce mobile website template on themeforest.net, envato.com or you can even learn more about the mobile e-commerce examples on w3schools.com!

Make sure your content format is optimized for mobile

The next step to make your website mobile-friendly is to make sure you have content that is optimized for the mobile device. Due to the limitations of the screen size, users can only see a small portion of the full website at once. Therefore, it is important not to put too much text or images on each page. This will allow users more space for reading and browsing through your site.

Also, keep in mind that users find scrolling annoying when they access websites on their phones because they do not want to scroll through endless pages just to get where they need to go on your site. So, make sure your content format is optimized for mobile devices, so people don’t have too much scrolling work ahead of them when using their phones!

Improve load times

The first thing you can do to make your website mobile-friendly is to optimize the load times of images on your site. The faster a page loads, the better it will perform in Google’s rankings. To improve this, we recommend reducing the size of images on your site and reducing plugins that slow down load times. If you need help optimizing these things, you can hire one of the top mobile app development services. As per the Net Solutions’ experts, “The team of developers and UI/UX designers at Net Solutions has the digital transformation expertise to revitalize your brand or bring your brick-and-mortar store into the virtual world.”

Optimize for touch screens

When it comes to mobile optimization, you need to make sure your site is easy for users to use. This means optimizing for touch screens. In addition, it’s important that the content on your website is easy to read and understand.

You also need to make sure that users can easily click on links and buttons without having any trouble doing so on a smaller screen. Finally, you want customers who are using mobile devices to be able to scroll through lengthy articles very quickly, so they don’t get frustrated trying too hard.

Don’t forget to add call to action 

Call to action button is a good way to get more information and you can even convert your website visitor in the customers. Being designing a responsive website you should be aware that the call-to-action button should appear right area which user can click easily and purchase the product quickly.

Final words

So guys, if you want to be successful in today’s e-commerce market, you need to make your website mobile friendly. The good news is that there are many ways to do it without spending a lot of money or hiring an expensive agency.

At present if you would like to invest in an e-commerce website mobile friendly option then these 2 latest frond end languages React Native, Angular will help you a lot as they are fast and offers more features than an outdated language like Ruby, PHP etc.

So that’s how you can make a user-friendly responsive website. If you know the name of any best UX ecommerce websites, then you can also share it with us and don’t forget spread the words about e-commerce mobile friendly website on social media platforms.