July 16, 2024

Why my iPhone not charging when plugged in?

iPhone not charging is a mutual issue that may be confronted by iPhone users. It happens due to many meaningless reasons and can be fixed at your level by following some recommended tricks and tweaks.

iPhone not charging when plugged in!

When your phone does not charge could be one of the worst iPhone problems, and it might be due to some mundane reasons, but you don’t need to stress as they can be solved quickly.

On the flip side, you need to keep one thing in mind that when iPhone not charging as there are several parts that need to work together.

Hence you have to learn about common things which needs to check to get things working correctly, and you need to test everything methodically to mitigate potential issues.

iPhone not charging

iPhone not charging Solutions – 5 Tricks to Fix it

#1. Cable /Adapter Issue

You know the issue is with the capable if your iPhone charges with one cable, but not another, and you know it is your phone if other iPhone are getting charged with the cable but your phone is not. Above all, you know what fixed your phone if the phone starts to get charged again with the same cable, irrespective of Why my iPhone not charging and the lastly, you changed was the problem.

#2. Turn it off and back on again

If your iPhone is not charging when plugged in, then you must know one thing for sure that you need to restart the system and see if that fixes the issue anytime; you are troubleshooting a problem. You will be required to restart the phone and then again try and charge it. You shouldn’t try this step at all if the battery of the phone is very les – under 5% or the phone is dead entirely.

#3. Verify that your phone is not charging

You need to start by ensuring that your phone is not charging as you need to connect your phone in order to make it charge. If the iPhone charging port nor working, then you need to change the port. You need to leave the phone on charge for at least two hours and then check on it if the battery is dead entirely.

It would be best if you end up seeing the light bolt either inside or just beside the battery icon, right at the top of the iPhone lock screen, towards the right. Your phone is not charging if there is no lightning bolt in sight.

#4. Don’t charge it wirelessly

We can simplify your troubleshooting by eliminating that as a possibility right away, as you need to remove the phone from its wireless charging case and plug the phone into a power source with any Lightning cable, provided you are using one. Additionally, you need to check if the charging is happening or no. Congratulations, it is working as you solved the problem, and it is most likely possible that there is some type of trouble with the phone’s wireless charging. All you need to do is to keep your phone charged just like in any old-fashioned way along with the wires. You will not really be needful to visit an Apple store.

#5. Checking of the Lightning port of the phone

You need to check the lightning port if your phone isn’t charging yet. Additionally, this problem is quite common than you think. It is because the majority of the people jam the phone – port-end first – into pockets, bags, and other places which are loaded with both dust and debris. You can carefully remove it with a toothpick if there is anything.

If you follow these steps, then we can guarantee that mostly the iPhone will start to charge again, until if there are no severe technical problems with the phone. In case there are some other issues, then this technique might not work.