July 14, 2024

Misc. files android – is it safe to delete them?

Have you ever heard misc. files android term? Should you delete them? Well if you want to know what miscellaneous files are doing on your phone then keep reading and get all answers!

The biggest problem we face is that of having to use utmost storage in android. If your android storage is full then I’m sure you are pretty stressed about which misc. files you can delete. Additionally, you have been thinking about the what are miscellaneous files on my phone.


Well, you don’t need to stress as you can find almost all the answers here. But, before moving ahead, you must know then misc. files meaning and what they do!

What are miscellaneous files on my phone?

Ideally, these files are files that don’t fall under any category like images, apps, media, etc. Also, they don’t fall under any system files, and that’s the only reason these files are ideally left out as junk on our device.

Now you might have a question about how they appear in your phone?

Well to clear your doubts, I’m here!

These files are ideally used by different apps that you might have at a time and they hold a lot of space in your device. So when an app file doesn’t fit in a category then they all treat as a miscellaneous file and the android OS automatically adds that file in misc.files section.

is it safe to delete miscellaneous files on Android?

No, it’s not safe to delete the misc.files on Android. These misc files are linked with your apps. So, if you try to remove it from the device then some of your phone’s apps won’t work correctly.

So it means they can store the data for apps installed in android phones, and some part of the data gets lost if you delete any misc. files directly.

Process of Deleting the Misc Files in Android?

Before you learn it is safe to delete miscellaneous files on android, you must know about the various methods available. Then, you can create a successful backup before moving ahead with deleting them.

Firstly, you need to look in your internal storage, and after doing that, you can easily unlock the devices and then go on to click on option of menu given. You can go to the storage space once you have opened it.

You would come to know about the Misc file and the space it occupies in your storage. Additionally, you can get to know whichever is contained in what amount of files, especially from media files and apps.

You would see these files on your screen, where you would need to click. Now you can see more files. Lastly, you can take action to select the ones that fall under Misc. files. You can also set each file manually and click on the delete option.

How to Create a backup before deleting the files?

Misc files data is quite huge, and it isn’t necessarily that it would be all real misc or junk. On the flip side, you might choose to delete some wrong files while deleting files considering it as Misc. Files. Then you can also come to know that these files were pretty vital to keep. You need a backup if you want to avoid any situation.

To do so…

  • You might choose to keep these files on your external SD card.
  • Alternatively, you can also use an app to get rid of all the stress, and you would get a backup with a click of a button.

It would be safe to move on once you have created a successful backup.

Once all done you can take the risk and delete the misc. files from the Android device and keep your phone storage free. This practice will optimize your phone and you can see some speed improvement!

So guys that’s all about the misc. files Android thing. If you have any questions the let us in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with others!