July 14, 2024

Samsung starts testing One UI 5.1 before Galaxy S23

One UI is layer on Android for Samsung Phones. It is important to recognise the efforts that Samsung has made to make the enhancements that Google included in Android 13 available to its customers while simultaneously delivering One UI 5 to phones all around the world at a remarkable rate. The software update provided some of our favourite Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S22 Plus, with some much-needed new capabilities.

These new features include updated Good Lock modules and an easier method for customising the lock screen. Before we get to 2023, the manufacturer will reveal the new Galaxy S23 series, but before we get there, it already appears that Samsung is testing a new release of the One UI.

One UI

According to a recent tweet from @SamSWUpdate, Samsung has been seen testing an update to One UI 5.1 that is based on Android 13. (via SamMobile). On the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, an update with the version number S90xEXXU2CVL7 is currently being put through its paces in the testing phase.

Given the date of this test, it does not appear to be unreasonable for us to anticipate that the Galaxy S23 series would ship with One UI 5.1 pre-installed, despite the fact that we have not yet come across any clear evidence to support this hypothesis.

We have high hopes that older Samsung devices will soon receive the One UI 5.1 update, which Samsung has been promising to roll out more quickly in the past. However, as of now, we have not received any concrete information regarding the new features or adjustments that the One UI 5.1 version will offer.

One UI 5 already allows changing the clock style and wallpaper, but the promised ability to customise lock screen notifications isn’t here yet, and One UI 5.1 could deliver the change. It would be great if additional lock screen customization options were in the cards. One UI 5 already allows changing the clock style and wallpaper. However, at this point in time, that is nothing more than wishful thinking.