Sennheiser HD800s vs HD800 – The Samurai of Sound

The Sennheiser HD800S is the all-new and improved version of the original HD800, a past revolution that was brought up in the headphones market in the year 2009.

Now, after six years, the company has brought up its new and improved version in the form of HD800s with improvements in Bass sound and response, Hip-black color scheme, and XLR-4 cord that can be used with balanced-drive headphones.

So, now the talk of the town is the Sennheiser HD800s are really an over-improvement from HD800? Do the listeners of HD800 were really seeking to experience the reference sound experience from HD800s?

Sennheiser HD800s vs HD800 - The Samurai of Sound

Sennheiser HD800 VS HD800s

The HD800S headphones offer all the acoustic and sonic performance advancements in comparison to the original HD800 but with a low-end presence that makes the sound quality a bit smoother and more cohesive musically.

The main difference between both the earphones is the structural design between the two models of the absorber technology of the HD800S.

It has also been said that the same effect can also be felt by putting a cotton ball into the original HD800. On the contrary, HD800S also comes with an additional cable along with an XLR5 connector.

Comparison in the Key Specifications:

The frequency response of Sennheiser HD800 is 14-44100 Hz, and for Sennheiser HD 800s, it ranges from 4-51000 Hz.

The impedance power of HD800 and HD800s are both the same, that is 300 Ohms, so there is no difference between the two in this specification.

The weight of the earphones is also the same as 330 grams without the cable.

Both the headphones come with a cable length of 3 meters that is enough for both the versions of earphones of HD800 and HD800s.

HD800s Review:

If you are looking for comfort, then HD800S should be your choice without a doubt as they are the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear, due to its plastic-construction the weight of the headphones have come down so much that it can be easily worn for long intervals of time.

The unique D shape gives the HD800S earphones a large inner diameter that gives plenty of room for the ears to fit in. There is not much difference in the sound quality between HD800 and HD800S, but the low range of HD800S is warmer compared to HD800.

The soundstage difference is also not much in both of them, but HD800S has much more beautiful airiness with acute imaging.

Sennheiser says that they have improved the treble problem that was coming in HD800, but you will not find it in Sennheiser HD800S. Both of them give a crisp sound, but the HD800s version will be sweeter to your ears.

In the end, if you are thinking about HD800 VS HD800s, who wins the race, then HD800s will provide you improved bass quality and less emphasized peaks in the highs.

But if you already have HD800s, then don’t bother to make the upgrade, or if spending some money can give you some improvements, you can try!