Top 5 MagSafe Accessories For iPhone 12: Best Upcoming Addons

The 2020 iPhone lineup also revived an icon from the MacBook series, MagSafe. The iPhone 12 has magnets in it, which will let you use MagSafe chargers, cases, wallets, and other MagSafe accessories. While Apple was obviously the first to make accessories for the new gimmick, other manufacturers are now joining the party, which means more MagSafe accessories for iPhone, and not just iPhone 12, future iPhones too.

So we decided to list the top MagSafe accessories for iPhone. While some accessories are out there already, we expect a lot more as other manufacturers get their hands on the new iPhones. Considering the iPhone 12 is the first generation that’ll support MagSafe accessories, we’ll probably see further refinement in the accessories in the future.

What is MagSafe?

If you’ve owned a MacBook, you probably know it from there. For those who don’t, the name MagSafe comes from the proprietary cable that came with MacBooks. It connected using magnets so if you’re sitting in a café with the charger connected and someone trips over the wire, the charger got disconnected instead of taking your laptop for a bungee jump. Then Apple decided to go with a Type-C port, and now it has resurrected MagSafe for the iPhone.

With the iPhone 12, you get magnets under the back. These magnets allow you to use MagSafe for wireless charging and accessories. If you’re also asking, will iPhone 12’s MagSafe Wallet demagnetize your credit cards, the answer is complicated. The slower charging speed of the MagSafe is also a concern here, but Apple is on its way to a wireless future. That said, let’s check out the top MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12.

MagSafe Camera Mounts

iPhone cameras are wildly popular for phone photography. This year, Apple added a LiDAR scanner and Dolby Vision recording to the Pro models, further expanding the quality of photos and videos you can get using an iPhone. That’s where Moment steps in. Moment has introduced a range of MagSafe accessories including cases and camera mounts for the iPhone 12.

All the mounts use the MagSafe on the iPhone with custom (M)Force magnets on the accessories. So far, the company has introduced a cold-shoe mount, two tripod mounts with portrait and landscape orientation support, and a universal mount. You can use these mounts to put your iPhone on a tripod, a gorilla pod, or add an external flash or microphone to the device. The items are up for pre-order now and will ship early next year.

Car Mount

Something for everyone, right? While the photographers get their set of mounts, we also spotted MagSafe car mounts for your new iPhone. There are two options that are available in the category and both have their ups and downs. The first one is the car vent mount with MagSafe from Moment, and the second one is the Car vent mount PRO with MagSafe from Belkin.

The Moment car vent mount is fitted with its (M)Force magnets which means you can use the mount without the fear of a speed bump sending your phone flying across the car. On the other hand, the Belkin car mount comes has standard magnets but comes with a cable management system so you can charge your iPhone without hassle, while it’s mounted. Both mounts are sensible approaches, but if you ask me, I’ll side with the Belkin on this one.

Wall Mount

Because, why not? Why would you put your phone on the bedside table when it has magnets that let you hang it off a wall? Just kidding. With the Moment wall mount with MagSafe, you can stick your phone on almost any flat surface. You can use this to take a group selfie or for anything else for which you’d like to stick your iPhone on the wall. It connects magnetically to your iPhone and has 3M adhesive and a screw hole to use it directly or mount it on a screw.

You can pre-order the Moment wall mount with MagSafe for $19.99

3-in-1 Wireless Charger With MagSafe

Coming from Belkin, this one is a well-designed functional wireless-charger for everything Apple. It has a MagSafe arm to mount and charge your iPhone, another arm for the Apple watch and a wireless charging pad for your AirPods or anything else that uses Qi wireless charging. While this one will also deliver only up to 15-watt charging, it’s a good alternative to the less powerful MagSafe Duo charger from Apple.

The company says the magnets are sturdy enough to hold the phone even if it’s buzzing to incoming messages. You can check availability and order the Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe for $149.99.

Apple MagSafe Accessories

Having counted the best third-party accessories, let’s talk about what Apple is up to. Since MagSafe is the company’s home-brewed idea, it was also the first to launch accompanying accessories. Apple offers a MagSafe charger, wallets, clear cases, leather cases, silicon cases, and leather sleeves.

Having MagSafe on the cases ensures two things, first, that you can connect multiple accessories like mounting the wallet on top of the case. Second, it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. So if you’re thinking of buying accessories for your iPhone 12, might as well go with the MagSafe lineup.

You can check out the entire MagSafe lineup at the Apple Store online.

MagSafe Accessories: Future Concepts and Expectations

The first thing I expected to accompany MagSafe was a MagSafe power bank. A battery pack that’ll just snap on the back of the phone and boom! cables begone! Turns out I wasn’t the only one expecting it. Folks at BuzzFeed drew mock-ups of a MagSafe battery, although I have my doubts about the battery capacity, having an extra charge without cables would be good.

Another one I expect is a MagSafe bike mount with wireless charging, or a cable management system. Much like the Belkin or Moment car mounts, it’d be great to have something for the bikes too. Whoever decides to take up a MagSafe bike mount will need to give sturdy magnets. Lastly, maybe it wouldn’t be so wild to think of a MagSafe charger + speaker + portable projector. Anyway, those are just expectations for now. Let’s see what the manufacturers come up with in the future.