July 16, 2024

iPhone Water Eject Shortcut to Get Water Out of Speakers

Water Eject Shortcut is fairly popular among iPhone users as it the whole thing like a magic and remove water from the speakers in less than 10 seconds. This makes the iPhone 100% waterproof and undoubtedly protects the hardware from major failure.

Water Eject Siri Shortcut

The iPhone is wonderful for photography. So, individuals sometimes travel with it at waterfalls, beach sides, and lakes. It is great for the upside-down videography at these beautiful locations. Some desired poses require water splashing. And besides, that enthusiastic photography around water locations means that there will be some splashes of water that will go towards the iPhone.

Water Eject Shortcut

In these scenarios, the liquid can reach the inside of the speakers placed at the bottom. In this type of case, the individuals can smartly utilize sound to get water out of speakers. Anyone can feel mind-boggled after hearing this and will question, “How!?”.

The answer is easy with the help of a water eject Siri shortcut. The assistance from them can get the water out from the iPhone and make its speakers water-free and efficient once again.

The reports indicate the massive success of the efficient water eject shortcut. Now it is officially the first-ever iPhone shortcut that has over a hundred thousand downloads.

What iPhone Owner say about iPhone Water Eject Shortcut?

The majority of the iPhone owners have reported that they had heard about the water discharging iPhone shortcut, which can remove water in iPhone speaker situated at the bottom of the phone. And it utilizes a very minimum density sound to get rid of the water. But they have never utilized this efficient function until water made its way into the inside of their iPhone speaker.

Many individuals who travel to aquatic locations only rely on this water eject shortcut for iPhones to get rid of the water in the phone speaker. Any thought of water near the iPhone follows up with the thought of a mobile repair service center for iPhone users. But trying this water discharging Siri shortcut and seeing it work and the outcomes can pleasantly surprise the iPhone owners.

So, for the emergency water ejection, they should think of the Siri shortcut to remove water from their iPhone. And they need an excellent guide to do so.

 How iPhone Water Eject Shortcut Works?

The majority of the iPhone owners still wonder how to switch on the water ejection on the iPhone. Because there is no option or button to do it, it is a bit of a challenging activity. Show the iPhone owners should learn it beforehand to get rid of water from their iPhone speaker in the bottom as quickly as possible.

But before starting the process, the iPhone owners have to head over to the settings of their iOS system. Then they have to flick on the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” in the settings of the phone. This option will be available in the shortcut selection category.


  • The individuals have to open the browser on their iPhone
  • Then they have to search for the

water eject iPhone shortcut link

  • Then the individuals have to Tab on the available link to reach the water discharging Siri shortcut
  • After that, they have to go down to the bottom of their screen and tap on the option of the water ejection Siri shortcut to add it to their iPhone
  • When adding the water ejection Siri shortcut, they have to tap on it to initiate the water discharge action.
  • There will be an initiation button available on the top half. The iPhone owners have to press on it and wait for the function to get done.


The water discharging Siri shortcut is suitable for iPhones running IOS 15 and IOS 14 updates. So, the iPhone owners have to make sure that their device is running under IOS 15 or iOS 14 to start the water discharging process.