Wep vs Wpa and Wpa2 security, difference – Explained!

Wep and Wpa are the security protocols that a router support. So here we compare wep vs wpa security and find out which one is better and more secure for the network.

Wep vs Wpa

Wep vs Wpa – What’s This?

When you search you’ll get a number of differences between these 2 protocols. But I got a very simple and clear definition form ubuntu help and it explains…

WEP and WPA (also WPA2) are names for different encryption tools used to secure your Wi-Fi connection. This encryption ensures that the network connection security so that no one can “listen in” to it and look at which web pages you are viewing.

  • WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, and
  • WPA stands for Wireless Protected Access.
  • WPA2 is the second version of the WPA standard.

Using some encryption is always better than using none, but WEP is the least secure of these standards, and you should not use it if you can avoid it.

On the other hand, WPA2 is the most secure of the three. If your wireless card and router support WPA2, then you should always use it when setting up your wireless network.

Which is better wep or wpa?

Wep security protocol for wireless networks introduced in 1999 to provide data confidentiality comparable to a traditional wired network. But now these days a network having wep security can be hacked easily.

To enhance the security, Wpa security protocol developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2003 for use in securing wireless networks; designed to replace the WEP protocol.

Wep vs Wpa2

Again, if you have doubt regarding wpa2, then wpa2 is just an advanced version of wpa and offers more secure network.

So out of wep or wpa, the WPA is clearly a winner and you should always go for latest WPA security to secure your network connection.

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