Best Dap under 200, 500 – Portable & Hi-Res in 2022

For all the music fans they always find themselves fraught to find the best dap, and it is really not an easy task. And if you are a novice, you might not even know what features you want or how much you want to spend, or are you willing to invest in the expensive dap players or not.

So, we have sorted it for you, where you will get all the details related to the best digital audio player in an affordable price range.

Best DAP in Affordable Ranges from Popular Brands

#1. Fiio M3 Pro

The Fii M3 Pro is the improved version of Fiio M3k and is a budget-oriented product with a lot of features that make it the best digital audio player at its price point. It has a touch screen interface with a sleek design and a black color scheme.

It has a USB Type-C connection, which makes it versatile to use. It is light weighted, and thus it comes in one of the best portable dap lists with 15hours of playtime.

#2. Fiio M3K

The Fiio M3K is one of the best daps you can get under 100USD, and it presents the best value in terms of sound quality and software working.

The M3K in-built software makes navigating simpler and faster. It lacks Bluetooth overall and the amount of features makes it a good buy in an affordable price range.

#3. Zishan Z3 

The Zishan Z3 is a DIY dap player that provides modularity to some degree for the users. In Z3, Op-amps can be modded by the user. The main appeal of the dap is its number of options in terms of modifying the signature sound.

This Digital audio player has the potential to be one of the best daps in an affordable price range with user modifications.

#4. Fiio M11

The Fiio M11 is a well-designed dap player that has great specifications with good sound quality and costs less than 50 bucks.

It has a fluid UI with a double micro-SD slot with high-end WIFI connectivity with pure apk and balanced layout. If you are looking for a portable dap player, then Fiio M11 is the one to buy.

#5. Astell&Kern SA700

The SA700 is the latest model of dap player by Astell&Kern with distinctive and terrific sound quality with an eye-catching design that is tremendous if compared to other music players in this price range. It has a cleaner and direct sound that is not offered by many digital audio players. It is light in weight and has an internal storage of 128 GB that is expandable up to 1TB.

Now, choose the best portable dap player amongst the above-mentioned digital audio players that suit your budget.

If you know any other brand dap, then you can let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others.