Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Moon Shot Photo with 200MP 😲

You will be shocked when you see the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Moon shot live result. Does the S23U phone’s 200 MP offers the clear view of #Moon? Have a look at the below given pictures and you will get stunned after seeing the final results #S23UltraWith200MP #S23Ultra.

Upon searching you will get many sponsored results of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Moon shot. But guys here we will show only the reality that which will truly Amaze you.

Recently a user published this picture on Reddit, and he said that this is the live result of Moon that clicked by brand new Samsung galaxy S23 Ultra.

Moon view clicked by Samsung galazy s23 Ulra #S23U

Though the results are quite far from the DSLR quality, but the 200MP camera of S23 Ultra is Truley amazing. You can imagine, if S23U clicks the Moon then you can easily zoom on the small objects from your place very easily and conveniently.

This moon picture also indicates that the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera is far better than the iPhone 14 pro Max. And seems, now Apple will also work on the camera in the upcoming series with more details!

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