How to get a free satellite phone

Need a satellite phone? Well here’s how you can get a free satellite phone by taking out a new service subscription and all this being offered by Globalstar.

I’ve covered satellite phones a lot here over the years. I think that it’s super cool that I can communicate wherever I am on the planet using satellites miles up in space.

But there’s one thing that’s hard to overlook — satellite phones are expensive.

Until now!

free satellite phone

How to get a free satellite phone ? 

Globalstar are now giving new customers the chance to pick up free pre-owned GSP-1700 satellite phones if they take out a new service subscription.

The GSP-1700 is a compact handheld satellite phone that offers CDMA digital voice quality, fast data speeds of 9.6 Kbps and a Position Location Service that allows you to get your latitude and longitude directly from the handset.

It’s a solid handset. And a pre-owned one can be yours by taking out a new subscription plan (plans start at $49.99/month).

If you want a pre-owned GSP-1700 without a plan, that will cost you $399.

If you wanted to share your satellite connection with other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, there’s the Globalstar 9600 data hotspot that retails for $150.

If you’d rather an all-in-one satellite hotspot, then there’s also the Globalstar Sat-Fi2 that offers the simplest way possible to set up a satellite network — you turn it on, it connects to Globalstar’s constellation of satellites and then sets up a Wi-Fi network to which you can connect up to eight devices.

You can then use your existing smartphone to make phone calls, and send and receive text messages and emails.