Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Carrier offer from AT&T from $199.99

Yes, you heard it right. You can buy a Brand-New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra @ $199.99 from AT&T Carrier Offer directly from the Samsung Store or from their online website.

Galaxy S23 Ultra is the new flagship of the brand offering latest hardware such as Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor which is specially customized for the Samsung Brand, 6.8 Inch 2K resolution Edge Dynamic AMOLED Screen, Storage upto 1TB, RAM upto 12 GB and a smooth Screen refresh rate of 120Hz.

This phone also features top of the line Camera Options having 3 camera lenses on the rear including 200 megapixel lens. S23 Ultra also features a S Pen increasing its working capabilities far from any other android smart phone.

So If you living in US then you can make this device your next dream phone as AT&T has introduced several carrier option to buy this phone and by opting one of them you can bring this phone at home @ $199.99

How to redeem AT&T offer to buy Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from $199.99

So the normal Galaxy S23 Ultra with storage of 512 GB is priced at $1379.00. To get the same in $199.99 you will need discount of atleast $1180 and the steps to get the same is as follows:

Step 1: First go to the Samsung Store from this link.

Step 2:  Select S23 Ultra from the option available for S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra.

Step 3: Select Carrier as AT&T.

Step 4: Select Storage Option as 512 GB. Samsung is Currently giving $180 discount if you purchase the 512 GB variant. That means it is offering you 512 Gb variant at a price of 256 GB which is really cool move from the Samsung.

Step 5: Select the Color of your choice. Available colors are Green, Phantom Black, Lavender & Cream. You can explore this article to help you choose the right color.

Step 6: Now Select the AT&T Trade In Option. AT&T is giving phones in two options i.e. Trade in and without Trade In. With Trade in you can avail their upto $1000 discount. Currently Samsung is giving this option only with selected brands. List of the same and respective discounts are as follows:

S. No. Model Discount
1. Samsung (Selected Devices) $1000
2. Apple (Almost All devices) $1000
3. LG (5 models only) $1000
4. Motorola (3 Models only) $1000
5. Oneplus (Oneplus 7 onwards) $1000

Step 7: Choose Purchase option, AT&T is giving you 3 payment options i.e. Installment Plan, One Time Payment and Pay in 4 installment. To get above mentioned $1000 discount you have to select the Installment Plan. If you choose other two plans this discount will reduce to $500 only.

Step 8: That’s it. Just click on pre-order now and you will surely get your phone @ 199.99 only. Detailed calculation is as follows:

Model Amount
Galaxy S23 Ultra (512 GB) $1379.99
Less: Storage Discount $180
Less: AT&T Trade In Discount $1000
Final Amount $199.99

Since this phone is launched in this month only, Samsung as a introduction scheme offering following freebies to all the phone owners:

  1. 4 Months of YouTube Premium
  2. 3 Months of Spotify Premium
  3. 4 Month so SeriusXM Streaming
  4. 6 Months of 100GB Cloud Storage on Microsoft Onedrive

So friends, that all how much discount you can get to bring Galaxy S23 Ultra at your home. Do share this article with your knowns to spread this news and visit our website to read similar purchase offers for Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus.

Do Let us know if you get this offer from Samsung Official Website or from their Stores in Comment box.

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