Sim not provisioned mm#2 error – here’s how to fix it!

Sim not provisioned mm#2 is a common error that appears when your SIM unable to establish a connection between the device and carriers. If you ever encounter with this issue then here are some quick ways that will help you to resolve it. But before to continue let’s see what exactly this error is and how it creates the issue?

What does sim not provisioned mean?

Sim not provisioned mean is that your SIM currently unable to connect your device with the carrier or you can simply say that the connection between device and tower not possible. As we know to send text messages, for calling a network is required so if the device somehow fails to connect with nearby network/tower then the communication won’t possible and we have to look for some alternatives to fix it.

There are a plenty of reasons why sim not provisioned mm#2 error appears. But whatever the reason we can resolve it at our end without visiting the nearby service stores. So let’s see what are the ways to resolve mm#2 error.

Sim not provisioned mm#2

How to fix sim not provisioned mm#2?

#1. Restart the Device

Whenever you face this issue, its simple solution is… just restart the device. A restart may fix the sim not provisioned issue and you can send the text messages, make a call, and use the internet for communication.

#2. Ensure the SIM card is not dirty or wet

Make sure your sim card is not dirty or wet. You have to also check for the device SIM slot properly. If something is there, clean it and reinsert the sim and check for the connection.

#3. Insert the SIM card correctly

If your SIM card not working properly then there is a possibility that it may have moved a bit from its actual location and due to poor connection between SIM card pins and the circuit mm#2 error occurs. So, try to insert your SIM card properly with the following steps.

  • Power off your Android device and eject the SIM.
  • Now, clean the SIM using a soft cloth and repositioned the SIM card in SIM slot.
  • Next, push the SIM slot in the device.
  • Turn your device back on and look if your SIM not provisioned on the Android issue is resolved or not.

#4. Activate the SIM card

Usually, when you get a new SIM, then it takes up to 24hours of time in the activation or you have to activate it via call. So, whatever the case your SIM should be activated and if that did happen then you have to talk with the customer cars so you can activate your SIM.

An activated sim is eligible to establish connection and you can enable the data, send messages and make calls without any interruption.

#5. Contact your carrier

Even if your SIM isn’t activated, grab another working device to make a phone call to your carrier or network. Explain everything to your provider and also point about the error message to them.

Be patient while they investigate the issue. It may eat up a heck load of time or may get resolved in a few minutes that completely depend upon the complexity of the issue.

#6. Try the other SIM card slot

Another reason why SIM not working on your device, may be the SIM card slot of your device have gone corrupted. So here you do not have to rush immediately to get it to check or repair, thanks to the dual SIM technology.

You can simply check your SIM by inserting it into the other SIM card slot. If this solution did work out for you then it is obvious that the problem was with the SIM card slot that got corrupted. And hence, it was triggering SIM not responding issue.

#7. Try the SIM card in other phones

Or just in case, you’ve still no joy and the SIM not provisioned on Android message is bothering you. Try making use of another Android device. Eject the SIM card from the device which is creating problems and try plugging it into other smartphone devices. Perhaps, this will let you know whether the issue is with your device only or with the SIM card itself.

#8. Try a new SIM card

Still, wondering how to fix SIM not provisioned mm#2?

Well, now you must head to your carrier store and request a new SIM card. Also, here you can inform them about the SIM not provisioned MM2 error, they will check and analyze your old SIM card and hopefully mm#2 will be resolved.

Or else, they’ll provide you with a brand-new SIM card and swap the new SIM card into your device and get it activated in the meantime.