Why does my phone keep turning off

Have you ever been in a dire situation when you couldn’t reach anyone and found that your phone kept going off by itself? If so, you probably yelled something like, Why does my phone keep turning off?

It can be extremely frustrating to have a phone that keeps switching off or restarting itself, especially when it does so at inconvenient times. Problems with either the hardware or the software could be the root of this issue. In this article, we will investigate the various factors that may have contributed to this problem and present some potential solutions.

Why does my phone keep turning off

Why does my phone keep turning off?

There are two primary components of our mobile device: hardware and software. It’s possible that any of these could develop problems, giving rise to situations in which your phone would automatically power off. Let’s get into the specifics of the following explanations:

Hardware Issues:

When an mobile device repeatedly shuts down but then starts up normally, the problem is almost often hardware. Let’s take a look at the hardware issues that are triggering your phone’s untimely shutdown and determine what needs to be done to fix them.

Make sure the battery is fitted properly

Incorrectly fitting batteries are the most prevalent reason for phones to shut off unexpectedly. Wear and tear can cause a battery’s internal area to shrink or expand somewhat. This causes the battery to become somewhat dislodged and to become detached from the phone’s connectors whenever the phone is shaken.

Turn on your phone and give it a gentle shake to see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t work, pick up your phone with one hand and tap the back of it gently on the palm of the other. When applying pressure to the battery, make sure the flat side hits your hand. In the event that the phone shuts off, the slack battery must be tightened.

This problem has a fairly elementary answer. Fold a little piece of paper into square wraps until it’s a little thick. Now, slip this piece of paper into the battery’s bottom end, farthest from the connectors. You’ll have to eyeball the amount of loose area to determine how much thick paper to generate.

There may be an issue with the phone’s loose back cover if this doesn’t work. When this happens, you should slip the same piece of paper between the battery and the rear cover. If you can make the area snug enough, that should take care of the issue.

Faulty battery

There’s a potential your battery is damaged, which would cause inappropriate current flow and cause your phone to turn off unexpectedly. Fortunately, practically any Android phone allows you to view the battery percentage by dialling a secret number.

Launch the phone app on your Android device, and dial *#*#4636#*#*. When you click “Battery information” on the following page, you’ll be led straight to your phone’s information. Verify that “Battery health” reads “Good” in the battery data. If it’s not that, you’ll need a new battery for your Android device to prevent it from turning off unexpectedly.

Alternately, you can check the battery life with the any battery checker Android app if this code doesn’t work. This app does more than just display battery life remaining; it actually helps you extend its usefulness. Even if I am sceptical of this app’s potential in the long run.

Is your phone Heating up frequently?

In addition, overheating could be the culprit if your Android device suddenly reboots without warning. As soon as the phone’s internal temperature reaches a dangerous level, it will power down by itself to prevent any potential component failure. Interestingly, this occurs even if the phone is not in use and is instead sitting idle.

Take Off Your Phone Cover

A phone case that is too bulky or that completely covers the back of your phone with its own material might also cause problems with battery life. Try using the phone without the case to see if the issue persists if you are using one.

Check if your Phone’s Power Button is not Stuck

The power button on your phone could be stuck or broken, causing the phone to turn off unexpectedly. Repeatedly pressing the power button will ensure a well-functioning device. Pressing the button should be effortless, and the mechanism should release the object instantly upon release. A tweezer or something similar can be used to extract the button from the interior.

Software Reasons:

If your Android phone seems fine mechanically, the issue may lie in its software. Here are some things to try if your Android keeps powering off unexpectedly due to software problems.

Start Your Mobile in Safe Mode and Uninstall Malware

Start up your phone in Safe Mode to make sure the issue isn’t hardware-related. A Safe Mode, similar to that found on personal computers, is built into Android phones and allows them to boot with as few system and as few non-system programmes as possible. In Safe Mode, malicious software and viruses cannot cause harm, making it easier to diagnose and fix the issue.

The precise method through which Safe Mode is entered at startup differs from one mobile maker to another. By far the most typical method is to press and hold the power button until the power menu appears, then tap and hold the “Power Off” button until the “boot in Safe Mode” prompt appears. Responding “OK” to this message will cause the device to restart in Safe Mode. Safe Mode may be activated by pressing and holding the volume down button during startup, which is helpful if the phone doesn’t turn on at all. If it doesn’t work, try looking up how to boot into Safe Mode on your specific device online.

When the phone is in Safe Mode, you can see if it is randomly turning off or not. Assuming the issue has been resolved, the culprit is likely a malicious programme that was installed recently. While still in Safe Mode, access your phone’s settings menu and head to the applications tab to remove any recently installed programmes. Remove any and all software updates that may have occurred after the occurrence of the random shutdown problem.

Now that you’ve returned your Android phone to its usual state, you may check to see if the problem still exists.

Clean Your System of Viruses and Malware

If uninstalling the apps has no effect, then the problem may be a virus that causes the phone to shut down without your intervention. You can find several Free or Paid Antivirus on Google Play store. Once the programme is installed, it will scan for and remove any viruses that might be the cause of the problem.

Make a fresh start with a factory reset of your phone

This is a severe measure, but it will eliminate any and all software issues. If you have eliminated the possibility that the issue is hardware-related by removing all apps and running virus scans, and the problem persists, then restarting your phone should do the trick.

Caution: Resetting your phone to factory settings will erase all of the information from its internal storage. This includes everything on the phone’s memory, such as messages, contacts, photos, and apps. You should have a backup of all your data before you do a factory reset.

The “Backup and reset” option can be found in the settings menu of your device. To begin the reset procedure, navigate to this menu and press on “Factory reset phone.” Resetting the phone should take between 5 and 10 minutes. Make sure the phone doesn’t switch off during the reset process, as this can also render it inoperable.

After the procedure has been completed, you will need to re-authenticate your Google account and fulfil other requirements. If the issue was related to software, resetting the phone should fix it.

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Why does my phone keep turning off with a full battery?

We have already described the possible reasons which may cause phone keep shutting off at time on its own. In addition to above the other possible reasons of this even after having full battery can be:

  • Bugs in Operating system issue
  • Battery calibration
  • High CPU Usage
  • Scheduled Power off & on
  • Insufficient Memory

How to Fix a Phone Thats Turning Off On Its Own

Although we have already mentioned everything above but below are the few quick takeaways to resolve your phone’s issue of powering off on its own:

  • Check battery life and charging: Make sure the battery is charged and properly functioning. Calibrate the battery if necessary.
  • Uninstall recent apps: If the phone has started restarting after installing a new app, try uninstalling the app to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Update software: Make sure that the phone software is up to date.
  • Factory reset: If the above solutions do not work, a factory reset may resolve the issue.
  • Hardware repair: If the issue is hardware-related, seek professional repair services.

Final Words

The steps outlined above should be sufficient to resolve any hardware or software issues that are causing your phone to shut down / restart automatically. If the problem persists, you must take it to a technician or, if still under warranty, to the manufacturer. They should be able to repair it or replace it with a refurbished phone.