4 new colors of Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra

We’re getting close to the year 2022, which brings us one step closer than ever before to the introduction of Samsung’s flagships of the next generation. Leaked press renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra have already provided us with a glimpse of what’s to come; however, a new leak has provided us with a little more to chew on, in addition to some renders of the Galaxy S22 that appear to be official in appearance. The Galaxy S22 is the most compact member of the family.

Not only does the fresh imagery of the Galaxy S22 Ultra show us the smartphone from a greater variety of angles, but it also provides us with a glance of its various hues. It appears to be quite similar to the S21 Ultra, with the exception of the prominent camera module not being there. The individual camera lenses individually protrude from the body of the phone, most likely to handle the huge sensors that the phone is anticipated to contain.

Galaxy s22

4 new colors of Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra

With each new generation, Samsung offers consumers a wide variety of colour options to choose from, and the S22 Ultra is not any different in this regard. It appears that it will be made available in at least four distinct colours:

  • White,
  • Black,
  • Olive Green, And
  • Rose Gold/Burgundy;

However, the availability of these colours may vary depending on the region.

If you are a Note enthusiast who is disappointed that Samsung will not release a device with a built-in stylus in 2021, I have some good news for you. This time around, the S Pen will not be an accessory that you will need to purchase separately; rather, it will have its own dedicated slot within the body of the phone itself. This is shown in every render of the Ultra that we have seen so far.

It appears that not much has changed on the exterior of the basic S22; it has a design that is extremely similar to that of the Galaxy S21. However, we are not going to complain about this design because it is one of the most attractive that Samsung’s research and development division has ever produced. It is anticipated that the Galaxy S22 will likewise be available in black, white, and olive green, but instead of burgundy, it will be available in a light pink colour. This is similar to the Galaxy S22’s more robust sister.

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Even though we haven’t had a thorough look at the S22+ just yet, there’s little use in trying to guess what it’ll look like at this point because we already know. In any case, the process of making things official won’t keep us waiting for very long. As soon as the rumoured debut of the Galaxy S21 FE in January is out of the way, Samsung should make the Galaxy S21 FE available to the public.