Google Voice got 1 new Warning Feature for Spam Call

Google Voice is without a doubt one of the most peculiar services that the corporation offers. Despite the fact that it has been around since the beginning of time and has a significant number of users who are quite loyal to it, it has the air of the kind of product that is perpetually in jeopardy of being discontinued due to Google’s capricious decisions.

Even if we periodically see it pick up a new skill or two, it’s nothing short of irritating watching Google’s Phone app receive features after features that pass Voice by. A huge part of this has to do with how much of an afterthought Voice always feels to be. Thankfully, Google is finally starting to play a little bit of catch-up by providing the capability to warn you about spam calls to Google Voice.

Google Voice

Google Voice Warning Feature for Spam Call

You probably have a hard time remembering a time when the Phone app did not alert you when you received calls from numbers that were known to be associated with spam. This feature has been available in the app since the middle of 2016, which is before even the first Pixel phones were released. Although Google ought to be ashamed that it has taken such an extremely long time to introduce the same capabilities to Google Voice, by this point, we’ve learned to make the best of what we have with this app and make do with what we have.

Because Google claims it will use the same methods for Google Voice spam call identification that it has been using for Phone spam call identification, we do not anticipate seeing a significant change in the ratio of false positives to false negatives. For what it’s worth, the system that is currently in place has been very successful. However, in the remote possibility that this won’t work, users may always explicitly label a number as not being spam, and Google Voice will remember that preference going forward.

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Even if you have the “filter spam” option in Voice settings turned off, Google will still display the message “Suspected spam caller” on your screen whenever you get a call from a number that seems fishy. You can find this option in the “voice settings” section of your phone’s settings. Availability has officially begun today and is expected to reach all Voice users by the middle of January; nevertheless, we are already receiving spam messages in our Voice call logs that go back a couple of weeks at this point.