How to make iPhone louder While Listening to Music!

Want to increase the volume of your iPhone? Checkout the subsequent tips and see how to make iPhone louder while listening to music, or playing games! The iPhone models released in recent years come with good speakers that are loud enough to watch movies, listening to music, or playing games conveniently. However, at times you may want the sound of the iPhone louder without spending on external expensive devices (like Bluetooth speakers).

This can indeed get frustrating for sure, as in the current times we need sound for everything, right from talking from phone, listening to music, watching videos etc.

There are simple tips that work wonders in this issue. The tips to help you out if you want to know how to make your iPhone louder are mentioned below. These methods effectively increase the volume of your iPhone and are worth giving a try!

iPhone louder

Tips: How to make iPhone louder for free?

There are a plenty of ways to enhance the volume of your iPhone. So, if you want to enjoy the music even in crowded areas, you may wonder about how to make music louder on iPhone, and specific simple alterations can achieve this in the settings of your phone. Try these simple tips to make the sound louder on your iPhone.

EQ Settings


It is the easiest trick to get your work done. The EQ Settings of an iPhone remain off by default, but the options of Hip Hop, Loudness, and similar others are present from where you can choose the likely. Select the Late-Night option from the array; this will tone down the louder sounds and enhance the quiet sounds to louder the music.

Move on to the Settings App, then to Music, where you will find the EQ option. Select the option of Late Night from the list. After choosing the option, you can test the effect, and you will notice immediate results.


Volume Limiter


The iPhone has the feature of limiting the volume to avoid causing damage to the ears. There remain the chances of determining the volume of your iPhone, but you can change the feature from Settings.

Go to the Settings app and then to Music, where you can get the option of Volume limit. And make sure that the Limit is turned off so that the volume of your iPhone increases.


Cup Your Hand Around the Speaker

If you are watching the phone by holding it in your hands, cup your hands around the phone’s speaker. This technique will divert the sound toward you and make iPhone louder.


Turn The Phone Upside Down


As the speakers are present at the bottom of the iPhone, turning the phone upside down using a prop to hold the device will help the volume increase the sound. Turning the phone upside down while listening to music will reflect it towards the top, and you will notice immediate results.


Wall Trick


Another simple tip to enhance the volume is to place the iPhone on a table near the wall at an angle of 45°. This allows the sound to bounce and sound of the device and will result in higher volume than the device’s normal range. The trick is simple and just an instance of common sense.


These simple tricks can work wonder if you are worried about how to make iPhone louder and think about investing in an expensive device. The iPhones generally come with a fair volume to enjoy the music or movie without facing stress about the volume.

But at times, in crowded areas, you may want to enhance the volume of your iPhone beyond the maximum. There are other hacks apart than these, but these are equally effective without losing a penny!