All You Must Know Before Buying An External Hard Drive For Mac

Owning a Mac has its advantages and disadvantages. No other system can beat the graphic quality and performance of the system, but when it comes to internal storage, Mac has the least. Hence, buying an external hard drive for Mac is recommended if you are required to keep many files in your system. The same is especially true when you are a photographer or hail from a similar profession. However, you cannot use just any external storage with your Mac.

Though when buying a Mac, you can upgrade its storage by paying a little extra for the extra storage, people invest in external storage. There are two primary reasons behind buying external hard drives for mac and the first one is that it reduces the risk of losing data, and the second is to avoid the hassle of transferring big chunks of data from a Mac to another device.

Finding the proper item is daunting, but with good tips, you can shortlist the best ones available. With an extensive collection available, the following factors will help you decide better, and you buy a best externa hard drive for Mac by spending less amount.

external hard drive for Mac

What Should You See While Buying an External Hard Drive for Mac

The Speed of Reading and Writing

The read and write speed is an essential factor to consider when buying external hard drive for Mac. This speed refers to the drive’s time to open and save a file. Usually, such options have a speed varying from 80-160 Mbps. With such a speed, it takes almost 15 seconds to transfer a file of size 2 GB. That said, if you have data of about 30 GB, everything from your system’s memory will be transferred to external storage in 5 minutes.

On the contrary, if you choose an external SSD with a speed of around 200 – 550 Mbps, the file size of 2GB will only take 5 seconds to transfer. The goal of considering the speed is to ensure that the storage is not slow and has a decent speed to complete transfers easily and quickly. SSD is best storge device in terms of speed and that’s why every gamer use it in their device for gaming purpose.


Another essential factor that needs to be considered with external storage is its portability. This refers to the ease of carrying your device from one place to another. The two types of devices, HDD and SSD, the former with up to 16 TB storage and theater with up to 8 TB storage, contain almost the same portability. However, they are much heavier if you choose to invest in a device beyond this storing capacity.

That said, devices beyond the storing capacity as mentioned above are not recommended if you are looking for portable options. Professionals usually carry multiple devices to ensure the ease of moving from one place to another.

Connectivity Options

Before buying external storage for your Mac, you should see its connectivity with the system. The device should have a port ideal for Mac so that transferring and storing files is possible.

If not compatible, you will have to invest in another device, an adapter, to get the machine working. It would help if you looked for hard drives that come with a USB-C port since Mac comes with the same port these days.


One of the tips recommended for buying external storage for Mac is to consider your budget before purchasing it. This will enable you to make the right decision.

With Mac, you will eventually run out of storage soon, and you should opt for a device that is larger than your current storage needs. This way, you will stay away from all hassles in the long run and will not have to invest in another storage device anytime soon. Even if it takes you to invest a little more initially, do that to obtain the most of it.

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