How to make money in World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft is notable for its extensive opportunities in terms of leveling up the character and earning gold for the subsequent purchase of equipment. Since, it is gold that remains the most important and valuable currency for the exchange between players and the purchase of game values.

To learn how to earn gold in WoW, a beginner needs to know the game and follow its strict rules, otherwise you risk spending many hours on farming efforts and earning the least of what you could earn.

Even if you pay for the boosting service wow, in order to quickly get the maximum level, you will have to collect gold to get at least the minimum equipment, otherwise there will be a level, but there will be no equipment, which means there will be no access to raids as part of a group.

What a beginner needs to do to earn enough gold for a comfortable game:

  • Quest system
  • Professions
  • Dungeons and Raids

Let’s discuss about these terms in detail below and see how to convert wow gold to real money and guys if you love the game of World of Warcraft then don’t forget to share it with others.

How to make money in World of Warcraft

make money in World of Warcraft

Quest system

The basis of any online game that focuses on the quest leveling system and that thing force us to play again. World of Warcraft always provide the character with all the necessary resources to start the game and systematic familiarization with the project. The player, having taken the first quest, receives training, familiarity with mechanics and skills, learns about the talent system and gradually earns the first gold and equipment.

It is much more convenient for developers to implement a quest system, since it takes the character by the hand and leads from task to task, depriving him of the need to immediately deal with all the mechanics.

Therefore, it is extremely unprofitable to deviate from the quest system, especially if you do it at the beginning of the game – the character will receive less gold and slow down the pace of his development, although the main task of the player is to pump the character as quickly as possible but squeezing all the gold out of the game that is possible.

We go through the quests and collect all the tasks that relate to one common location. This will allow you to level up faster and earn good amounts of gold.

At the same time, it is desirable to master professions and develop them at the same locations where quests are performed – we will discuss professions, how to upgrade them and which ones to choose in the next section.

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Professions are game activities that can diversify the gameplay, give the player the opportunity to provide themselves with equipment and useful resources, and at the same time increase the trading potential on the server. A character can learn no more than two professions. There are crafting and gathering professions to choose from.


  • Gathering Herbs – Gather herbs and flowers from all quest-related locations. Resources will come in handy in alchemy and first aid.
  • Skinning – skin slaughtered animals with a carving knife, which is purchased from the NPC. Hides are converted into leather, which is needed to create light armor.
  • Mining – mine rocks for ore and gems. For mining, you need a pickaxe, you can buy it from the NPC.


  • Blacksmithing – smelt ore into ingots and craft heavy armor and weapons.
  • Leatherworking – use hides to craft leather and light armor.
  • Tailoring – does not require an additional profession to create magical cloth armor.
  • Alchemy – use the collected herbs and flowers to create various offensive and defensive type potions. The former deal damage to the enemy, the latter heal and strengthen the character.
  • First Aid – Use herbs and flowers to craft bandages and antidotes. Indispensable things in pumping and when hiking in raids.
  • Jewelcrafting – Use gems and inscriptions to craft unique jewelry with amplifying stats and gems to fill weapon slots and enhance your character’s powers.

Dungeons and raids

The main idea of ​​dungeons and raids is to unite players into groups to go through especially difficult and interesting zones, to kill bosses and get the most valuable and useful equipment and weapons that are available in the game.

For obvious reasons, these resources allow you to replenish the game market and are necessary for all classes and factions, therefore they are of particular value.

A character who has received good equipment has the ability to sell all the extra resources and equipment to get gold and buy more needed upgrades.

Beginners should know that raids have several levels of difficulty, and depending on the chosen difficulty, both the characteristics of the boss and the trophies that players will receive for killing him change.

You should not aim for mystical raids if you are not taken to regular raids. Strengthen your character, master raids and gradually move up to a higher difficulty, since it is difficult raids that are the most valuable and reliable in terms of getting the best equipment and weapons that characters can equip.

So, this is how to make money in World of Warcraft. If you would like to know more then you can let us know in the comment box below and don’t forget to share it with others.