How to Insert Checkbox in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2019

MS word document offers a feature to add checkboxes which can be marked or unmarked on a single click. So if you don’t know how to insert checkbox in word documents to make your form more informatics and user friendly, the read out step by step guide which covers it and valid for all MS word versions like 2007, 2016, 2019 etc.

insert checkbox in word

Insert checkbox in Word – Step by Step Guide!

The check boxes can be added in 2 ways. 1 way is static and I’m sure you all know about that. But the 2nd way is bit advance as in this method the checkbox can be checked or unchecked on that document. In this, you just need to send a digital form to target user and later the target user fills it and send to you again. All that will be digitally filled and signed by the client.

So in this whole process, the target user don’t need to take out any print (which we normally do in 1 way where boxes are not clickable). If you have been looking for this clickable checkboxes ten your wait is over. Let see how do you add a fill able checkbox in word file?

#1. Enable the developer mode

Before creating a clickable checkboxes, you need to first enable the developer mode in word. So here are the simple steps that you can follow to enable the mode:

Deveoper Mode in 2007, and 2010

  • Go to Office button > word options > popular tab > and check the ‘Show developer tab in ribbon’.
  • Once you enbale it, developer mode tab will appear in the menu bar.

Deveoper Mode in 2013, 2016, and 2019

  • Go to File > options > customize ribbon tab > and in right side tick the ‘Developer’ –
  • One you enbale it, developer mode tab will appear in the menu bar.

Now you can add the checkboxes and radio button in your doc file and create a user friendly form for survey or to get more relevant information from a user.

#2. Add checkbox in file to create form –

  1. Click on the legacy tools options to add Checkbox (under ActiveX controls) –
  2. Now keep the added checkbox filed selected and click on properties option –
  3. Updated the caption field and enter new name of your choice.
  4. Now to check the results; click on Design mode again –
  5. Test the checkbox or radio button by single click. Your checkbox option now works!

So guys this is how to insert checkbox in word. In this way you can make a survey form in MS Office Word doc file which comes with checkbox options and user can easily click these options to submit form on emails in soft copy.