UK and European Samsung Galaxy S22 models may use Exynos 2200 chips

The rumours that have been circulating about the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have primarily centred on the Ultra model and the new S Pen that comes with it, as well as the debut of the phones, their availability, and the destiny of Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chip. According to rumours, the selling date will be on February 25. A fresh leak has surfaced, and this one focuses on the specifications of the Galaxy S22+ and provides us another glimpse at its appearance. It’s possible that Samsung may equip its Galaxy S22 line with an Exynos 2200 chip when it debuts in the UK and Europe.

Galaxy S22

Rumors on Galaxy S22 Ultra in UK & Europeon Region

The graphics don’t show us anything lot that we don’t already know about the middle child of the S22 series. The design of the Galaxy S22+ will be virtually identical to that of its predecessor, with the exception of a few inconsequential adjustments here and there. Ishan Agarwal, the source of the leak, claims that the phone would be able to achieve brightness levels of up to 1750 nits despite having a smaller display that measures 6.55 inches this time around.

If this is true, the phone should be more portable because of this change. The battery will have a capacity of 4,500 mAh, and it will support rapid charging at 45 watts. Even while certain older Samsung phones were capable of supporting such high charging speeds, it still took more than an hour to fully charge the battery on those phones.

With smartphones from OnePlus and Xiaomi now delivering up to 120W fast charging rates, here’s hoping that Samsung’s 45W implementation works better this time around. OnePlus and Xiaomi phones are currently available in the market.

Agarwal’s sources think that contrary to other rumours, Samsung has not scrapped the Exynos 2200 chip and still intends to launch the S22 variants in the UK and other European regions with it. This would be the case if Samsung had not cancelled the chip. The business has already stated that it will introduce the chip concurrently with the Galaxy S22 series, but they did not specify which models of the Galaxy S22 series it will be able to power, if any.

In earlier iterations of the Galaxy series, Qualcomm Snapdragon chips were used for the first product launch in North and South America, whereas Exynos chips were used elsewhere.

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Agarwal also believes that the 50-megapixel camera on the standard and plus variants of the phone would generate 12MP pixel binned photographs by default. However, there will be a “remosiac” option in which users will be able to record 108-megapixel photos. The primary camera will be accompanied by an ultra-wide lens with 12 megapixels and a telephoto lens with 10 megapixels and a sensor capable of 3 times optical zoom. In conclusion, he claims that the S22 series would be available for purchase beginning on February 25, confirming information that had been leaked previously.