Schusestrongcrypto Registry Key Missing

If you recently upgraded to a new version of Windows, you may have noticed that the Schusestrongcrypto registry key missing issue. This key is responsible for enabling strong encryption on your computer, and its absence can cause problems with certain applications or services that rely on it.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this issue. So if you would like to know how you can fix it then follow our below step by step guide and resolve it for free.

Schusestrongcrypto Registry Key Missing

How to fix Schusestrongcrypto Registry Key Missing Issue?

First, open the Registry Editor by pressing the Windows key + R, type “regedit” into the Run dialog, and press Enter. Navigate to the following key:


If you don’t see the Cryptography key, create it by right-clicking on the Microsoft key and selecting New > Key. Name the new key “Cryptography”.

Next, create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value inside the Cryptography key and name it “Schusestrongcrypto”. Set its value to 1 to enable strong encryption, or 0 to disable it. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

If you’re still having problems with applications or services after following these steps, make sure that you don’t have any other encryption keys disabled in the Registry. For example, the “DisabledByDefault” key may also need to be set to 1 in order for some applications to work properly.

Schusestrongcrypto registry key for Skype Calls and Chats

If you recently installed or upgraded to the latest version of Skype and are unable to find the Schusestrongcrypto registry key, don’t worry – it’s not missing. The key has been moved to a new location in the Windows Registry, but can still be used to enable strong encryption for Skype calls and chats.

To access the Schusestrongcrypto key in the new location:

  1. Open the Registry Editor (press Windows Key + R, type “regedit” into the Run dialog, and press Enter).
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Skype\Phone\Cryptography.
  3. If the “Cryptography” key doesn’t exist, create it by right-clicking on the “Phone” key and selecting New > Key from the context menu.
  4. In the “Cryptography” key, create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value with the name “Schusestrongcrypto” and set its value to 1 to enable strong encryption, or 0 to disable it.
  5. Close the Registry Editor and restart Skype for the changes to take effect.

You can now continue using Skype with strong encryption enabled and start chatting with customers without any lag or disturbance.

As per the latest updates, it has been speculated that Microsoft has resolved this issue on certain devices. A fix is available in Microsoft’s Update Catalogue on the 16th of August, 2018, for customers with an Intuit QuickBooks installation.

Customers can also check for updates via Windows Update by visiting settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and choosing to check Updates.

If you have a device that does not have QuickBooks installed in Intuit, and are experiencing this problem: Microsoft is working on the solution and will offer an update in the upcoming release.

I hope that guide is enough and you will surely resolve the Schusestrongcrypto Registry Key Missing issue at your end. If you want to know more then you can contact Microsoft team for more accurate information.