Discord overlay – how to use in Games?

Discord overlay lets you to send text or voice messages even though playing the game. You can enable or disable this overwhelming feature in just 1 tap and use it as per your suitability during the gameplay.

Discord overlay to Enhance the Gaming Experience

Are you looking for a program that you can use with your voice or video chat at the same time as your computer and also message your friends while you are playing?

With the advancement of technology, it has become super easy to use videos and voices while playing games. These techniques just quadruple the whole fun of the process of playing games.

Well, you don’t need to stress as you can rely on Discord which is an instant messaging platform that has a plethora of features, and it is pretty famous among players who wish to chat with friends while they are gaming. You can download Discord on any PC, and that too for free.

Discord overlay

All one has to do is, to create an online account and then instantly get started. Once your account is created, then you can get access to all the features of Discord. It also includes the discord overlay.

What is discord overlay?

When it comes to playing the game, the feature allows you to simultaneously use the messaging from Discord and voice chatting. In the midst of the game, you are allowed to open and close whenever you wish to. It is fantastic to use it when you are playing a game with your friends so you can not only chat but also coordinate without any hassle.

The software is quite useful when you wish to stream your game over your Discord and also manage the in-game. The best part here is that Discord makes it relatively easy to use the feature, and also you can customize it as per your preferences. Just with the games you choose to play; you can use discord overlay. You also have an option to set it invisible until you open it.

How to open a Discord overlay?

You need to click on the settings of the users before you start the game and then go to Discord. You can see a small gear icon next to your username at the bottom of your screen. You need to click on the option to overlay by choosing app settings.

When you click the slider, you can toggle enable the game overlay.

Additionally, you can also click on the keyboard, which lies below the   Toggle Overlay Lock, and you also have a choice to alter it.

Further, you can also change the settings of your display names, avatars, other users and notifications which pop up when you are gaming. Under your app settings, you can go to game activity.

When you close in the overlay,  then you can also choose to pin a chat when you can keep it open. At the top of the window, you can also decide on the thumbtack icons. Also, you are free to move the chatbox and resize it so it doesn’t hamper your game.

When it comes to Discord, you can press your J key to type in chat or whatever you might set in for Discord. With discord overlay hotkey, you can also stream your gameplay. You can indeed click on the icon which you tend to see in the corner of your title text.

If you choose to watch, then the game is most likely to start. While you are playing, you are also free to change the settings of your Discord overlay.

You can open the settings once you have unlocked your overlay. Under these settings, you are most likely to change the same ones in your Discord program. Hence, this discord program just makes it super simple to play games.